Soldiers of Peace by Vladimir Wilson

What happens when a communist falls in love with a capitalist in the middle of the Cold War? This story revolves around a Russian Spy who falls in love with a British Spy. The matter no longer remains personal. It becomes a threat to the State security of the countries that are involved in espionage activities. World’s premier agencies at the time like the KGB, MI6, and CIA etc. become the antagonist of the plot and the whole world act in hypocrisy. The division of their love is in Berlin. It is the Berlin Wall. This wall divided not just two individuals, but the entire humanity into two pieces. The Book answers some of the deepest questions of philosophy too. The dialogues are philosophical in nature. Some new concepts, interpretations as well as terms have been coined and introduced in the story. Also, it has “seriously-witty” situations. Some of the questions that are answered include: What is Cold War? What is Propaganda? What is Love-crime? What is Body complex? What is Slave-paradox? What is Love-republic? What is Rims Psychology? What is Cemetery paradox? What is Operation-separation? Why is Life not a Bed of Roses? How to pass a secret mail? Where is the heart of a KGB Spy? How to suppress a Counter-revolution?

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